Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Inspiring Story on a Baby Girl - Destiny Zoe Oh

Today, while enjoying the last few days of my 1-week leave at hometown, a short story shown on TV caught my attention and put me into tears within seconds.

It is the life of a baby named Destiny Zoe Oh. The best luck she had was to live for 3 days in her life. She was one of the Edwards Syndrome babies. Due to the incompleteness of her body, every breath she took was very difficult for a tiny baby girl. Seeing the sufferings a baby girl has to bear to catch her breath, her parents told her, "if you would like to live, you have to try harder, however, if it is too painful to bear, it is alright to give up. We still love you no matter what. And, we are blessed to be able to see you." Finally, on the third day of her life, she has left our world forever. She never gets to experience the life we are living now. The only familiar environment she recognized was her mother's womb and ICU. The suffering she beared is beyond what we could imagine.

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Life is short and full with suffering. However, we have given a healthy body and mind to live through so many years. Despite of the unbearable pain and discomfort, the sick baby girl chose to live her life to the very last second, what rights are there can we healthy adult complain about life? We are much more lucky. We should appreciate the blessings we have to be alive for so many days, weeks, months and years. At least, we get to feel the world, understand the people around us, communicate with other living creatures and explore the advancement of technology. Therefore, stay strong despite of the hardships that strike you and emotions that try to take control of you. We should try our best to live but, never to focus highly on the result of our effort. Happiness and health are the two important elements that I personally highly think of and emphasize in my current stage of my life.

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